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Discover: Last Harbour

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Last Harbour is the band I have fallen in love with recently!

"Last Harbour are a Manchester collective playing rustic, cinematically atmospheric songs that rattle and loom, at once epic and intimate, harsh and beautiful. Using instrumentation that might traditionally be associated with folk music, the band instead hammer and sculpt their music into unusual and beguiling forms. This is music with a strong emotional content, both bitter and beautiful.
The band effectively operate as a collective of like-minded musicians, all of whom are involved in other artistic work including music, photography, film-making and recording. There have been several Last Harbour records to date, all of them highly acclaimed." taken from their official website.What I've written about their latest album:
Best Albums of 2008
"Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark" is a melodramatic folk album from a Manchester-based band, Last Harbour. This record sounds like a continuance to the album of "Boduf Songs". Melodic tear-jerking songs, excellent vocals and truly atmospheric from start to finish.
Feel this music experience!

Listen: "The Accident"
published: 16/12/08

Now, I would like to add:
This is a must have record and I feel ashamed for not having included it
in the top 20 Albums of 2008.
With this Post I would like to "set the record straight" & atone about what I've written
because I feel it wasn't enough.