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A Second Chance // The Best Song Covers of 2008!

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TOP 10:
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10: Pretty In Pink - Dresden Dolls [Psychedelic Furs]

Because they look Pretty in Pink even if they 're dark.

09: A Forest - Bat For Lashes [Cure]

This cover totally changed they way a classic Cure song sounds like.

08: Jimmy - Of Montreal [M.I.A.]
Jimmy is a crazy urban song, but they proved that they can go once again "over the top".

07: Down The Line - Gutter Twins [Jose Gonzalez]
Jose Gonzalez must be proud!

06: Reckoner - Gnarls Barkley [Radiohead]

This "Odd Couple" can be as dramatic as Radiohead on this song...

05: Just Like Honey - Headless Heroes [Jesus And The Mary Chain]
An excellent cover from a forthcoming band. 

04: New York, New York - Cat Power [Frank Sinatra]
I will agree that "Cat Power doesn't cover songs. She un-covers them!"

03: Slow - Tricky [Kylie Minogue]

Now I understand the reason why this song became a hit!

02: Where Is My Mind? - Yoav [The Pixies]
If you thought Placebo had made the top cover on "Where Is My Mind", here is the reason to reconsider your decision!

01: Born Slippy (Nuxx) - Get Well Soon [Underworld]

One of the best bands of 2008 with one of the best song covers of all time.
Now it's time to shout:
"Mega mega white thing mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing mega mega shouting
Lager lager lager lager mega mega white thing"