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Time for a music break:

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|1/. Musica Ficta Featuring Mary And The Boy [Live] - Elephant

|2/. Kwoon - I Lived On The Moon

|3/. Ólafur Arnalds - Ljósið

Forget your local recordshop... Let's Boomkat!

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It seems that Boomkat is my savior once again.
While I was browsing online record shops to check the summer sales, I visited one of my favorite online stores "Boomkat". As soon as I realized that albums from the record label Morr were on sale I couldn't resist and Voila! I purchased some favorite albums that as an original music lover I wanted badly in my cd collection!
  • Jon Hopkins - Insides [Domino Rec. 2009]
  • The Year Of - Slow Days [Morr, 2006]
  • People Press Play - People Press Play [Morr, 2007]
  • Borko - Celebrating Life [Morr, 2008]