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Discover: Emily Wells

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Emily Wells is a talented singer-songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist [playing: violin, banjo, synth, drum machine, xylophone, metallophone, ukulele, guitar and more...] born in Texas.

From an early age she started playing various and numerous musical instruments. At the age of 17 she had the guts to reject not only one, but two famous record labels in order to have the creative control of her work and the independence to express, as a true indie artist, in her own way the beautiful music she creates out of record label bounds.

Her latest album is The Symphonies: Dreams, Memories & Parties
In my own words: "Elegant Vivid Melodies"

This album was released in 2008. Yet another excellent album that was kept in the dark and I really needed to bring it into light. Discover this beautiful crafted album with its ten symphonies to remind you the bright side of life.

Here is a sample of her album:

Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well and Requiem Mix - Emily Wells

Sounds like:
Vivaldi [stoned] with a lighter version of Emily Autumn's eccentric rhythms,
add some avant-garde insanity of Cocorosie,
mix them and let Cat Gosgovitch [Nut] for the vocals.

Music Genre:
[If you really want to tag this...]
Indie Folktronic




tom2700 said...

Hey Emily is my Fav!!

kapetank said...

hey john opos eida simera eixame to idio thema gia tin emily
evala link

Green said...

LOL we thought the same thing, the same day... Unbelievable!