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Tricky + Dub Pistols // Live Review - Critic

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Date: November 27 2008
Place: Principal Club in Thessaloniki 

One of my most anticipated live concerts turned to be a great disappointment as soon as the main artist appeared, but lets take things from the beginning. 

It was 21.40 when suddenly the lights turned off and a nice music coming from the stage made Principal's Live stage shaken... Dub Pistols were On Stage!
"Dub Pistols" is a six member dub band from West London. They proved to be the Highlight of the night, performing songs with an admirably professional way that I didn't expect.
Their best part of the night was when they performed live the songs "The problem is..." and "Gangsters", you could see the ecstatic audience at its best
Their total performance was almost excellent and they came back for an encore, that made their fans extremely happy. They were Grrrrroovy, Alive, Vivid, OUT THERE, playing for more than an hour!

Exactly at 23:11 the lights turned off once again. A mysterious tune started playing on the background as the time for Tricky's turn to impress us had arrived. The first song that opened the live was from his new album "Knowle West Boy" called "Past Mistake". From the very beginning I realized that there were some issues with the sound of the microphones as we couldn't clearly listen to the vocals. Later I realized that the problem wasn't based on Principal's equipment but on the performers. 
Some songs sounded like acoustic rock versions of the tracks as the vocals could be scarcely heard. 
Now, as for Tricky's new vocalist, Francesca ...
She didn't persuade me that she had previous experience in a live concert, in addition she gave me the impression of a next door girl with a good voice who was too shy to sing aloud.

"There were several times I felt the stage was empty!"
[I would like to make clear that Dub Pistols are not included in this remark.]

As for the final song of the encore... I can't find the proper words to describe that mess. He performed a cover of "The ace of spades" by Motorhead and suddenly the supposedly dark and moody atmosphere he was trying to build was ruined by a punk rock song that gave me the image of a hooliganism episode on a stage! All the front row of the audience and almost 20 more people, run on stage to jump around and throw bottles of water everywhere. 
I'm not against experimentalism on stage but not in such an irrelevant way.

I heard many and different opinions about this cover but I decided to write my personal view.

I wasn't expecting to see neither Martina Topley Bird (ex vocalist) nor Pj Harvey. But at least I was expecting to see a good live and not something average.

The highlights of Tricky's Live were the songs "Pumpkin" and "Black Steel" both from the album Maxinquaye.

The worst ones were "Love Cats" [a Cure cover]
and I would include the extended version of "Past Mistake" too. [My favorite song of the new album that was almost destroyed from the low vocals. I believe that the magic of this song is the vocal part which we couldn't hear.] 

In conclusion I saw an average live of Tricky and his band that lasted almost 2 hours. If the sound was a bit better surely everyone would be satisfied.

Sum Up:
Dim highlights were striving desperately to improve the nonexistent atmosphere. 

Perhaps the Spirit of Trip Hop had fallen asleep or even better it was totally absent!

Quotation of the day:
Don't judge an artist from a past live, it might lead to a past mistake.

Discover: Julien Neto

~ ~

Julien Neto is a Parisian musician composing ambient electronica
The only things we know about this artist is that:
  • Julien Neto is his real name.
  • He has released his debut album "La Fumeur De Ciel" [Type Records] in 2005. 
He has also produced more works [unknown to us] using other names...
In my opinion the mystery about his work is due to the fact that he was changing record labels and names often. 
As far as I've listened to this album several times, my point of view still remains the same. 
He has an impressive talent on creating ambient music. You will get sucked into this brilliant album, that sets your mind in full flight.
Melancholy, ethereality, romance, elegy and vividness are the main substances of this ambient masterpiece.

Discography: [As found on Myspace]
[Album] "Le Fumeur de Ciel" (Type Records)
[Compilations & Remixes]

"Om(Julien Neto Remix)" (Phaseworks)
"Stofstuk (Julien Neto Remix)" (Machinefabriek)
"Ninety Four" on "Silva" (Miasmah Rec.)
"One" on "Boomkat Selected Mixtapes Volume 6 - Listen With Xela" (Boomkat)
"Shiney Eyed Gal" on "Meadow: Cottage Industries Four " (NeoOuija)
"Voy" on "Cottage Industries 3: Vestibule & Separate" (NeoOuija)
"Amenimo" on "Hiiro" (Saag Records)
"Such A Small Stain" on "Apegenine vol 1" (Apegenine Records)

Similar Artists: Max Richter, Deaf Center, Colleen, Susume Yokota, Swod, Goldmund


Official Website: Julien Neto
Myspace: Julien Neto

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Songs for November:Recommended by D-M-L
{Artist - Song [Album]}

1] Faultline feat. Chris Martin - Where Is My Boy [Your Love Means Everything]
2] Ulrich Schnauss - Shine [Goodbye]
3] Stateless - This Language [Stateless]
4] Monta - Lost Patrol [The Brilliant Masses]
5] Devics - Alone With You [My Beautiful Sinking Ship]

One Word: Placebo!

~ ~

"It has been a long time since the idea of writing something about my all time favorite band placebo jumped to my mind!" Placebo [If someone doesn't know...] is the band of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal. The drummer Steve Hewitt has left and now Steve Forrest from the band "Evaline" is replacing him.

Here is a list of my favorite songs:

[sort by: song/album]

  1. I Know / Placebo
  2. Protege Moi (M83 Mix) / Once More With Feeling [Singles 96-04]
  3. Without You I'm Nothng (Featuring. David Bowie) / Once More with Feeling [Singles 96-04] 
  4. The Crawl / Without You I'm Nothing
  5. Burger Queen (Francais) /  [Rare Song]
  6. Jackie (Sinead O' Connor Cover) /  Exclusive Session - Live
  7. Taste In Men /  Black Market Music
  8. Blue American / Black Market Music
  9. Peeping Tom /  Black Market Music
  10. The Bitter End /  Sleeping With Ghosts
  11. Centrefolds / Sleeping With Ghosts
  12. Twenty Years /  Sleeping With Ghosts
  13. Sleeping With Ghosts /  Sleeping with Ghosts 
  14. Drink You Pretty /  The Bitter End [EP]
  15. Pierrot The Clown / Meds

Some of the songs on this list are not widely known so If you don't know them,

I strongly recommend you to listen to them!

Discover Placebo. Discover More!

Here Is a video clip from the album Meds: "Follow the cops back home..."


Discover: The Moscow Coup Attempt

~ ~

The Moscow Coup Attempt

is the work of Derek Whitacre,

a musician from Los Angeles.

He composes music in an extraordinary way that create visions and illusions from the past.  His music genre could be tagged as Down-Tempo, Instrumental, Electronic or even Soundtrack.

The Moscow Coup Attempt has released 3 albums:

"Recidivism" [2007] [Digital Download Only]
"Insomnia" [2006
"The Failure of Shortwave Radio" [2005]
 and one song "Sprout and the Beam"

In TMCA's albums you can find also some short video clips edited by Derek Whitacre. 

Sounds Like: Sixtoo, DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Menu:Exit,  The Silk Demise


Here is a video clip from "The Failure of Shortwave Radio":

John Green Playlist:

~ ~

There were many people who asked me to upload my music playlist from Monday's broadcast.
The following tracks were included in my playlist at OFFRadio.gr
Thank you everybody for your comments and your support.
And I apologize once again for being anxious, it was the first time that I was ON AIR!
[Sort by: Track - Artist / Album]
  1. The Opening - Saltillo / Ganglion
  2. Bad Old Man - Babybird / There's Something Going On
  3. Who is She? - I Monster / Neveroddoreven
  4. Burn Me Again (Wendy Stubs Remix) - Alpha / The Sky Is Mine
  5. Trophy - Bat For Lashes with Josh T. Pearson / Fur & Gold
  6. All Thats Is Thirst - Pati Yang / Silent Treatment
  7. You Are One Of Us - Halou / We Only Love You
  8. Time Will Show Me - Jay-jay Johanson / The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known
  9. Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) - Sia / Colour The Small One [USA Bonus Track Edition]
  10. Messenger - Blonde Redhead Featuring David Sylvian / The Secret Society Of The Butterflies
  11. Broken Records - Lies / Lies [Ep]
  12. Giving Up - One Eskimo / [Not Yet]
  13. You Could Walk Forever - Devics / My Beautiful Sinking Ship
Now you can download the broadcast from OFFradio's Offcasts:
Link: www.offradio.gr [see Offcasts]
[Language: Greek]

TOP 30 Female vocalists:

~ ~

Here is a list of my favorite female singers.

The list is based on my personal music taste and of course many great singers are not included. I'm sorry but i had to choose only 30 of them.


TOP 30:

30. Amy Mc Donald

29. Sia

28. Emilie Simon

27. Amy Winehouse

26. Jemma Griffiths (JEM)

25. Rachael Yamagata

24. Ilya

23. Shirley Manson (Garbage)

22. Natasha Khan (Bat for lashes)

21. Roisin Murphy (Moloko)

20. Anja Garbarek

19. Nina Persson (Cardigans)

18. Deborah Dyer (Skin)(Skank Anansie)

17. Alison Moyet (Yazoo)

16. Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star)

15. Fiona Apple

14. Sian Evans (Kosheen)

13. Natalie Merchant

12. Bjork

11. Lou Rhodes (Lamb)

10. Alison Goldfrapp (Goldfrapp)

9. Sarah Mc Lachlan

8. Skye Edwards (Morcheeba

7. Emiliana Torrini

6. Tori Amos

5. Cat Power

4. Patti Smith

3. Pj Harvey

2. Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins)(Massive Attack)

1. Beth Gibbons (Portishead)

D-M-L presents: The Alphabet Of Music

~ ~

Here is the music alphabet D-M-L has created for you:
In this alphabet you will find bands and musicians from the following music Genres:
[Alternative, Indie, Electronic, Experimental, Idm, Post, Trip Hop, Folk, Down Tempo, Ambient, Synth Pop]

A. AaRON, Anne Clark, Apparat, Apoptygma Berzerg, Agoria, Air, Amon Tobin, Amy Winehouse, Asa, Aim, Archive
B. Babybird, Blackfield, Blonde Redhead, Broken Social Scene, Bonobo,Bent, Bjork
C. Calexico, Clash, CSS, Cure, Conjure One, Cat Power, Coldcut
D. dEUS, Doves, Daft Punk, Death In Vegas, Danielson, Depeche Mode
E. Editors, Envelopes, Electrelane, Ez3kiel, Ellen Alien, Eluvium
F. Feist, Feild, Fink, Fisherspooner, Fonoda, Flunk
G. Garbage, Gossip, Gutter Twins, Girdini Di Miro, Goldfrapp
H. Hot Chip, Hiroshi Watanabe, Hooverphonic
I. Ian Brown, Interpol, Isobel Campbell, iLikeTrains, Imogen Heap
J. James, Jem, Joy Division, Justice, Jack, Jazzanova
K. Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers, Kings Of Leon, Klaxons, Koop, Karmakoda
L. Laakso, Last Shadow Puppets, Lykke Li, Ladytron, Lamb
M. Madrugada, Mark Lanegan, Mazzy Star, Mercury Rev, Muse, Midnight Juggernauts, Moby, M83, Massive Attack
N. New Order, Novak, Novika, Nina Nastasia, Notwist
O. Oasis, Of Montreal, Ok Go, Orbital, Olive
P. Perry Blake, Pixies, Pj Harvey, Placebo, Pulp, Puressence, Postal Service
Q. Quasi, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic
R. Radiohead, Radio Dept., Residents, Ratatat, Royksopp, R.E.M
S. Shearwater, Scott Matthew,Simple Minds, Starsailor, Suede, Sigur Ros
T. Tears for Fears, Tindersticks, Tim Booth, Tori Amos, Tuxedomoon, Trentemoller
U. Unisex, Ulrich Schnauss, Umek, Underworld
V. Veils, Verve, Vetiver, Vive La Fete
W. Wilco, White Stripes, Worm Is Green, Waldeck
X. Xiu Xiu, Xela
Y. Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Yo La Tengo, Yann Tiersen, Yonderboi, Yoav
Z. Zagar, Zero 7, zZz

Presenting: Halou

~ ~

Halou is an American (San Francisco) band formed by Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom. They met each other in 1992 and in 1995 they became the band that we all love, Halou.

After their first debut band called "Anymore", in 1998 they released their debut album called "We Only Love You" as Halou. Now, after these years and their 11 cds (including albums, EP's and re-issues), Halou came back with their 12th album called "Halou". But in this comeback they have changed their music genre and from a trip hop band they became an alternative band sounding like their first work as Anymore.

I think that after having listened to all of their albums their uniqueness in creating music is obvious. They were one of the greatest trip hop music artists and still remain a very impressive band after their alternative comeback!




Similar artists: Mandalay, Airlock, Flunk, Ilya

Here is a video-clip  from Halou:

Presenting: Bat For Lashes

~ ~

Bat For Lashes is the pseudonym of Natasha Khan, a British Singer-Songwriter,visual artist and multi-instrumentalist.

After she released her debut single "The Wizard", she signed to the record label "Echo" and released on 11 Sept. 2006 her debut album "Fur and Gold".

Her first live big performance was with Cocorosie, supporting them at the Scala in 2006.

Some of Bat For Lashes fans are: Bjork, Brett Anderson (ex-Suede front man),Thom Yorke, Devendra Banhart, Jarvis Cocker (front man of Pulp)...

As for her Debut album, I believe that it is an excellent work with extremely vivid, gloomy and impressive songs. My favorite track from this album is called "Trophy" in which Josh T Pearson adds his guitar and vocals.

Bat For Lashes is working for her new album and we are waiting impatiently!

Similar Artists: My Brightest Diamond, Bjork, Cocorosie, Pj Harvey, Cat Power



Monday 10 Nov. Mema and John Green Live @ OFF RADIO.gr!

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Mema Binopoulou & John Green (as a guest) @ Off radio.gr for one nigth only!
As a guest on my favorite radio producer's broadcast,
I feel both thankful and extremely lucky.
I'll try to my best with my music selections in order to create the best atmosphere for a memorable night.
Join Us! (on Monday 10 Nov. 2008 at 24:00-01:00)
Listen live: www.offradio.gr