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Top 100 albums of 2008! Part [5]

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Top 100 Albums 2008
[Part 5] from #50. to #41.

The real game begins, this is the hardest part...
So many great albums as you've already seen and listened.
Now it's time to advance from the great ones to the greatest.
But only one will be the highlight of the year.
The masterpiece of 2008. Which one will it be?
Find Out in 3 Days from now...

#50. Monika - Avatar
Monika, a Greek singer-songwriter with an impressive voice and a great record! With her debut album "Avatar", Monika proves that all the hype with this album was appropriate and definitely praiseworthy. A great future for this young lady is coming and she is only 21! Welcome.
Listen: "Babe"

#49. dEUS - Vantage Point

From this "Vantage Point" I can see clearly that dEUS are back to amaze as with this wonderful album, but with an unexpected mainstream sweet sound that we could never imagine that they were able to create.
Listen: "Eternal Woman"

#48. Melodium - Cerebro Spin
Laurent Girard better known under the moniker "Melodium" is a french electronica music producer. "Cerebro Spin" is his latest effort. This album is mostly instrumental, with vulnerable melodies and fragile electronic tunes to remember.
Listen: "Choanal Imperforation"

#47. The Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost

This is a strange band from Texas [Austin]. The Black Angels is band that whether you love them or hate them, they will get your interest. "Directions to See A Ghost" is a psychedelic rock album with unfamiliar vocals and explosive rock sounds.
Listen: "Mission District"

#46. Glasvegas - Glasvegas
Glasvegas is a Scottish band and their debut album "Glasvegas" is perfect. This album has something unique, I don't know yet what it is... Maybe it's the vocals that make it so special or the vivid music or the youthfull spirit or... Whatever it is, this album is Great!
Listen: "It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry"

#45. Gregor Samsa - Rest
This is the 4th full length album of Gregor Samsa. "Rest" is their latest work that really impressed me. They successfully created a post-rock album with contemporary classical sounds. "Rest" is sensational, majestic, creative and melodic.
Listen: "Pseudonyms"

#44. Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight

The third album of Auburn Lull "Begin Civil Twilight" is simply their best. Brilliant shoegaze music, dreamy tunes, ethereal background vocals. Discover its beauty...
Listen: "Coasts"

#43. Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver {also known as Justin Vernon} released his debut album
as Bon Iver in 2008. He also released the same album as Justin Vernon in 2007. So, I choose the 2nd version and place it in #43 [it would be much higher if it wasn't re-released].
Poetic, original, flawless and wondrous! A must have album.
Listen: "Lump Sum"

#42. Boduf Songs - How Shadows Chase The Balance
Boduf Songs is the work of Mat Sweet. "How Shadows Chase The Balance" is a dark, atmospheric folk album that touches the listener from the first song. But as I've mentioned this dark touch destroys your psychological strength and plays with your emotions. Don't listen to it if you feel depressed. It is devastating.
Listen: "Mission Creep" for the lyrics ["All of my heroes died the same day..."]

#41. Last Harbour - Dead Fires And The Lonely Spark

"Dead Fires & The Lonely Spark" is a melodramatic folk album from a Manchester-based band, Last Harbour. This record sounds like a continuance to the album of Boduf Songs. Melodic tearjerking songs, excellent vocals and atmospheric from start to finish. Feel this music experience!
Listen: "The Accident"