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Video blues^

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3:21+  it just gets so inspiring for travel.
As a DM lover Chauveau made a wonderful cover of the song.

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under byen - alt er tabt :video

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Under Byen are a Danish band founded in 1995
mainly by Katrine Stochholm and Henriette Sennenvaldt.
They rarely use guitars and create their unique soundscapes
with the use of cellos, pianos, violins,
electrically-distorted saw, organ, drums and percussion.

Here is the Mp3 Link: from Stereogum
Taken from their forth upcoming album
"Alt Er Tabt"

New: Bomb The Bass

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Only a few days left since the official release
of the latest Bomb The Bass album "Back To Light".
Release date: February 18th 2010
Bomb The Bass aka Tim Simenon on his latest effort
following up "Future Chaos" [2008]
collaborates with the famous producer Gui Boratto for "Back To Light".
Also in the tracklist below there's a little surprise to discover...
Martin Gore.


01. Boy Girl feat. Paul Conboy
02. X Rays Eyes feat. Kelley Polar
03. The Infinites feat. Paul Conboy
04. Price On Your Head feat. Richard Davis
05. Blindspot feat. Paul Conboy
06. Start feat. Kelley Polar
07. Burn Less Brighter feat. Paul Conboy
08. Happy To Be Cold feat. Richard Davis
09. Up the Mountain feat. The Battle Of Land And Sea
10. Milakia feat. Martin Gore

►Bomb The Bass - The Infinites feat. Paul Conboy

Bomb The Bass - X Ray Eyes feat. Kelley Polar (John Tejada Remix)

ⓜassive ⓐttack

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➊ Here is the New Massive Attack video of
"Splitting The Atom"

➋ and Here is the remix of:
Paradise Circus (Breakage's Tight Rope Remix)
That is a masterpiece in addition to Gui Boratto's boring dub version

[Special Thanx to my friend Kevrexion who Upload it]

|Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy| |Remixed|

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Owen Pallett - Keep The Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
by DominoRecordCo
to Download

♪♫ Gorillaz → Return

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You can also listen to their new song "Stylo"


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:The Month of The Video Clips:

▷ ▸ ▹ Beach House - Silver Soul

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Hope For Haiti : Now LIVE

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ON YouTube NOW


And Don't Forget
You Can Help Haiti People

By Donating


◈ⓟeter ⓚruder ↔ ⓟrivateⒸollection◈

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♫What does music do for people,
what do people get from music?♫
Peter has chosen 17 tracks out of his 35.000 vinyls of private collection
His entire life of music diversity spinning in tunes of great masterpiece.
Memories,stories tales to be played on forever in past,present and future.
Each memory,a tune,a puzzle,a picture.
Inspired into a painting of life.
80 minutes of genuine pleasure.
The trip never stops.
4800 seconds
Lust for thirsty ears and more to come..
Sit back and enjoy the number One
in the G-Stone 'Master Series' with more to follow.

This is what Peter Kruder himself said:
"The initial idea for this compilation came after I played a series of concerts that were called "The Listening Sessions". Bringing people into great sounding venues with an amazing sound system and have them sit down and just listen to music for two hours. A rare feat these days as most people just don't take the time to sit down and listen to music without any distractions."

Lend an ear to the opening track...

ↁ ₥ ╘ ⊷ Proudly Announces:

~ ~

from now on
D - M - L
and her name is

Visit her blog:
"Thousands of miles from Nowhere."

ℜemixed & ℜefreshed

~ ~
|. Massive Attack feat Horace Andy - Girl I love you
[She's In Danger Remix]
Press Play ►

||. DJ Hell feat. Bryan Ferry - U Can Dance
[Carl Craig Remix V.1]Press Play ►

|||. David Bowie - Space Oddity
[Serafim Tsotsonis Remix]Press Play ►

||||. The Knife - Colouring Of Pigeons
[dAI Refix]Press Play ►

|||||. The XX - Islands
[Nosaj Thing Remix]Press Play ►

❈ Esben & The Witch ❈

~ ~
"Nightmare Pop"
Esben and the Witch are a Brighton trio
whose name is taken from a Danish fairytale.


Listen to their latest track "Skeleton Swoon" here.

|Rumors Confirmed|


are due to release :

‘Lucia, At The Precipice’

b/w ‘They Use Smiles To Bury You’

on 7" vinyl.

Release Date: Pre-Release (Expected on 08/02/2010)

That you can pre-order Here.

Esben & The Witch
Download [EP] - "33"

...The Story...
"A farmer had twelve sons, the youngest of these he named Esben. He was small in contrast to his brothers who were all big and strong. One day the brothers persuaded their father to let them seek their fortunes. He gave each of them a horse and a small sum of money to help them on their way, Esben decided he too would leave although his father refused to aid him as he had his other sons. Upon leaving Esben peeled the bark from a stick until it was whiter than all his brother’s horses and rode off on it... [MORE] "

❥Tunes From The Past... #1

~ ~
|Artist : Pigeonhed |
|Track : The Full Sentence|
|Album: The Full Sentence|
| Year : 1997 |

Special Thanx to Mema Binopoulou
for sharing this amazing song with us in her latest broadcast @ OFFradio.gr

The ✖✖ - VCR

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❝ New VideoClip❞

News: The ℜadio Dept

~ ~
"Clinging To A Scheme"

'Clinging To A Scheme' will officially be released in March 2010
directly from Labrador Records' online store.

'David', released in 2009,
was the first single for the album.
Download it Here.

The track 'This Time Around' will follow it as the second single
& will be released in early 2010,
around the time of the albums release.

One confirmed song from the album is
"Heaven's On Fire" Stream It

❧ Her Name Is Calla - Long Grass

~ ~

"Three brand new songs as a forerunner for the upcoming first full lenght of this amazing UK collective. Formed some years ago out of a desire to create music that had a more emotional core, Her Name is Calla have since expanded to a six piece, seven if you include occasional addition of cello. The music they make is the music they want to make. Encapsulating brass, strings, pianos, oddities and anything else at their disposal, they craft songs and music that have a heart. That heart may not always be the one people are used to, not the bright red shining symbol of love and hope, but a heart somehow more personal. "

Buy Them Here
Download Them Here

◣ ◢◤ Mødular Man ◥◣ ◢

~ ~
I was taken aback to find out
that this band was your favorite
from my guest appearance
at Kosmas Efraimidis Broadcast in Ert3 Radio.
So, I decided to let you know more about this band.

In their own words:

Modular Man is a brand new three-piece outfit from Perth, WA. It is comprised of the three members Jordan (Guitar/Vocals/Noise), Gabriel (Drums/Samples/Equity) and Brad (Bass/Athleticism).
They have previously been in other bands from other times, including Rollerskates, The Panda Band and Snow Bros.
Born in the Autumn of 2009, Modular Man played its first show to a rapturous Velvet Lounge crowd soon after. On the same afternoon, the band’s first demo was made the “Top Track” on Friday Drivetime, RTRFM. That little singsong is entitled “Catharsis”, and is but a nanosecond of modular man’s universe.
Modular Man sounds like an experimental, kinetic excursion in medium-fidelity sonic rock.
It has long and strange instrumental parts tempered by the unorthodox singing of words and phrases.
It is loud and soft, fast and slow.

Here is the song "Catharsis".
* You can also find their new song "Parthenon" on their Myspace page.


~ ~

First of all

I would like to thank everyone for attending the broadcast

[I really appreciate it.]

So here is the track-list you've been waiting...

"Favorite Tracks Of 2009"
1/ 2econd Class Citizen - A New Day
2/ Modular Man - Catharsis
3/ Apse - All Mine
4/ The RAah Project - Will You Be There?
5/ Arms & Sleepers - The Architekt
6/ Hol Baumann - Handwritten Notes
7/ Esben & The Witch - Eumenides
8/ Soap & Skin - Fall Foliage
9/ Felizol feat. Madame Bouse - Lullaby
10/ Reigns - The Black Cramp

:Don't Forget:

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ERT3 - 95.8FM

strictly 21:00

Presenting some of my Favorite Songs Of 2009

19 + 1 Most Anticipating Albums of 2010!

~ ~

"The Battle of the Giants"

will be [the best or the worst] start

of a musical decade

because of the artists and the musical giants that will soon release an album!

Some of them can be found in this list:

1 Massive Attack - Heligoland
We already have some samples of this album... see the [EP]
Splitting the Atom and the explicit video of Paradise Circus
with the vocals of Hope Sandoval.

[Yes Paradise Circus was previously known as "Harpischord"]


2 Radiohead - [TBA]

This ingenious band
is in the studio recording perhaps their next masterpiece(?!).
Waiting Impatiently_ MODE:ON_

3 Arcade Fire - [TBA]
The band that never seem to produce a bad album
will be back shortly!
[I hope they won't prove me wrong...]

4 Ιnterpol - [TBA]
They have rejoined again with their frontman Paul Banks
[aka Julian Plenti (how is it possible to prefer this name???)]
after his "successful" solo career that would be MORE successful if they were together!

5Goldfrapp – Head First

The fans of Goldfrapp are
for this release!

6Cat Power - [TBA]
The Queen Of Folk
is coming...

7Get Well Soon - Vexations
One band of the big Winners of 2008
Below: Image film of Vexations
[I hope you speak German though...]


8 The Album Leaf - A Chorus of Storytellers
There are numerous radio producers
who could die
for this album in Greece
and I know many of them!

9 Stateless - [TBA]This album is something...
I could die for!
Start counting backwards the days for this release...

Saltillo - [TBA]
The second album of Saltillo.
A project of Menton J.Matthews III
that was released in 2006 "Ganglion"
and we discovered later.
I contacted Mr. Menton just to let you know
that he is getting ready for his next album.


11 Beach House - Teen Dream
We already got the taste of this album.
The follow up of "Devotion" (2008) is excellent.

12 The National - [TBA]
One more follow up [: "Boxer" (2007)]
from a Great Band!

13Klaxons - [TBA]
Where did The Klaxons go
after all that hype they caused in 2007?

14 The American Dollar - Atlas
This album was released in 01/01/10

15 Electric President - The Violent Blue
A band that was in No.17 in 2008
see here with our friends "Swearwater" below.

16 Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago
The follow up of "Rook"
[no:11 in DML's 2008 top list.]

17 Midlake - The Courage Of Others
Since they wrote "Roscoe" they became
famous worldwide
through every single radio station!

18Jónsi – Go
The solo project of
Jónsi from Sigur Ros in English!
Get a free track of Jonsi here.

19 Band Of Horses - Night Rainbows
As you see all the great names
of 2007 are back.
Follow up of "Cease to Begin".
I hope this time it won't be their Funeral.

+1 Xiu Xiu – Dear God, I Hate Myself
Let's see how creative can these
perverted art-indie-rockers
be this year.