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Talking about EP's...

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So, here are my favorite 5 EPs that I've listened so far...
Let's start counting backwards.

5. The Mary Onettes - Dare

"Dare" is a three track EP from The Mary Onettes. A Swedish band that is definitely worth your attention. They sound like: The Cure in their latest years mixed with the freshness of Glasvegas.
Key Track: Dare (obviously)

4. The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me

"Dream About Me" is a two track EP from The Depreciation Guild. A new band coming from NY's Brooklyn. So far from what I've listened... I understand a "New-Order-istic" music approach, but that's nothing to let them off or let you down. Try it!
Key Track: Dream About Me

3. Birdengine - The Black Dictaphone

"The Black Dictaphone" is a 7-track EP [mini album] from Birdengine. You can't find any details about this album in the artist's myspace though. So you can order it by searching online.
It reminds me of Matt Elliot's depression accompanied by Boduf Songs guitars under a Fleet Foxes cover. A strange combination of dark folk music filled with powerful emotions.
Key Track: Barnaby

2. DM Stith - BMB

If you haven't already listened to David Stith's debut album Heavy Ghost here is a good reason to get the first impression. Dm Stith's first EP "BMB" is full of obsessive love songs either remixed or covered.
"Stith returns with BMB, a seven song release and the first in a trilogy of EP’s to be released before the end of the year." -
Asthmatic Kitty Records
Key Tracks: 1./Bmb (Son Lux Remix) 2./Suzanne (Randy Newman Cover)

1. Chimes & Bells - Into Pieces of Wood

My favorite EP so far:
"Into Pieces Of Wood" is a 3-track EP from the Danish band Chimes & Bells
I have to admit that I was taken aback by the "dirty siren" female vocals...
From what I've heard so far I would like to exaggerate as most bloggers do ('cause you can't judge a band from three songs) and say publicly that this is the best new band of the year and hope I won't be proven wrong. You have to discover them as soon as possible!
Key Track: All of them
  1. Stand Still
  2. Golden Sweater
  3. You Shall Not Pass

Mix-ing Emotions With Seductive Sounds...

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Yesterday while I was checking my profile on Myspace,
I found this very interesting and well-crafted mix by
You can dowload it here...
MIX: Yosebu - "Seduction of an Aroused Laughter"

"All for the best..."

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The return of the Eraser-(radio)Head, Thom Yorke.
You can now find his "new" cover - song of Miracle Legion's "All for the best" featuring his brother Andy Yorke on the backing vocals, in the album "Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy."
Pre-order it here.

Listen Now:
Thom Yorke - All For The Best