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Bon Iver - Blood Bank [Ep]

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Bon Iver - "Blood Bank" - [Ep] - 2009 - [Jagjaguwar Records]

Mr. Justine Vermon aka "Bon Iver" the musical phenomenon of 2008 [who firstly appeared in 2007] and all the bloggers fall in love with his "skinny love" and the fragile emotions he delivered...
Returns with his new Ep "Blood Bank" in 2009 to hold his ground and prepare his far and wide fans for his forthcoming album.
I can't remember if this is the first time I say it, but his voice reminds me of Chris Martin
[Coldplay's frontman].

"Blood Bank" is a great Ep, consisted of four songs that you will listen in repeat for a long time.

Listen to:

Blood Bank

1.Blood Bank
2.Beach Baby