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Interview with: "The Goldfinger Recordings"

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Discovering Musical Landscapes
presents: An Interview with "The Goldfinger Recordings".

So, here I am with Stelios Vakaloudis, the founding member and lead singer of the greek band "The Goldfinger Recordings".

  • Stelio tell us about your band. What is The Goldfinger Recordings?
"The Goldfinger Recordings" is a project created by me in 2005 in Thessaloniki [Greece]. The band was created six months ago and now it is consisted from seven members:

Giorgos Panagopoulos (Drums)
Maria Koltsiada (Piano/Synth/Vocals)
Thanashs Karipidhs (Electric Violin)
Tasos Tataroglou (Trumpet)
Thanashs Lykartzhs (Bass)
Aris Karakashs (Guitar)
& Stelios Vacaloudis (Vocals)
  • Why did you choose this name?
"That's a strange story. I have a jewelry shop, which is actually our music studio!
Everyday the shop is open and late at Saturdays when it's closed all the jewelries are being removed to give ground to the organs that appear one by one... to create the Goldfinger Recordings studio."
  • So your music is "precious"! In which music genre would you include your work and which is your opinion about these labels?
I don't think that someone could easily tag us in a music genre. The Goldfinger Recordings is a blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. We are self-titled as a "Melodramatic popular songs" band that we think it describes us better. Now, as for the music labels I think that they could be very helpful for someone who is searching for something specific or for something that will help him understand which music genre he is listening to.
  • Music is mainly influences. Which are your musical influences and which artists do you admire?
Our music influences come from various types of music, such as Mazzy Star, Tindersticks, Prodigy and more... As for the artists we enjoy listening are Radiohead, Hatzidakis, Portishead and many more that I can not recall.
  • Which is your opinion about the record labels? Do you think that releasing an album nowadays is easy or difficult for a Greek band?
The hardest part of releasing an album is not on finding a record label but on finding a good producer and a good manager/promoter who will book your live performances and promote your band. Nowadays the problem is not the sale on the market but the quality production. Some well known Greek artists with quality production is Monika with her debut album "Avatar" and also the albums "Forwards and Backwards" and "Flood" of both produced by Raining PleasureMr.Coti.K and Chistos Lainas.
  • I heard some rumors that you will support "Red Snapper" in Greece. Is that right and how do you feel about that? Is it the first time you perform live?
Yes it is true as you see... How do we feel? Ecstatic, because "Red Snapper" is a a band we admire. This is the second time we will perform live... The first time was at the Soundwave 2008 in Thessaloniki which was a great experience.

  • Which is your opinion about the English speaking Greek music scene?
In my opinion, this scene is almost amateurish and it will remain the same. That might sound a bit cruel but if you consider that a band doesn't do live concerts, because of the limited listeners and the "non given" opportunities inevitably their work including their performance doesn't get improved and as a result they remain inexperienced (=amateurish).
And we have to admit also that it is unable for someone to work professionally in a country that everyone is listening to Greek-Bouzoukia, Hatzigianni and "pop/rock" bands like Onirama. We deserve the lack of culture we are experiencing every day. Thank god the world will collapse in 2012!
  • And one final question. Tell me your favorite album that was released in 2008!
Portishead's - Third! Because once again they produced and write music from their own dimension...
  • For the new listeners now that want to learn more about you... Where can someone find you?

Must Listen song: "Coma"

More Info about the Live Concert: click here


Anonymous said...

Where could i find their cd?

Green said...

They don't have a cd ,yet.
But you can listen to some of their songs on myspace and last.fm