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Music For The Twisted: Best Of

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As you may know,
I have a broadcast on the web-based-radio Twisted
You asked for the "Best Of" tracklist and so here you can find the entire list.
[Sorted By: Artist - Song // Album]

01. Saltillo - A Necessary End // Ganglion
02. Moby - Shot In The Back Of The Head // *promo song* from Wait For Me
03. Le Vol - I Will Find // Last Day Of February (not yet released) [Thank you Le Vol]
04. Chimes&Bells - Stand Still // Into Pieces Of Wood [EP]
05. Esker Mica - L'Accident // TNT/Coniferes [Thank you Esker Mica]
06. DangerMouse & Sparklehorse - Everytime I'm With You (feat. Jason Lytle) // Dark Night of the Soul
07. Scott Matthew - For Dick // There Is An Ocean That Divides
08. Robotanists - Wait A Minute Here // Close Down The Woods [EP]
09. Fredo Viola - The Turn [Fink Remix] // Red States
10. Chapeau Claque - Reykjavik // Hand Auf's Herz
11. Stateless - Bloodstream // Stateless
12. Terry Callier - Wings // Hidden Conversations
13. Redjetson - For Those Who Died Dancing // Other Arms


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The "disarming" return of Moby:

It was Monday morning and while I was surfing the internet, I heard on our local radio station some rumors about an unexpected comeback. After a couple of minutes and research on the internet I found what I was looking for...
The comeback of Moby!
"Shot in the back of the head" was everywhere.

After a week or so...
Another song from Moby's new and highly anticipated album "Wait For Me", came to light with a touching bittersweet video-clip. I still can't believe my ears.
As far as I see and hear:
"Wait for me" will be the masterpiece of Moby's discography.


It's been a long time...

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Hello everybody.
Just a quick post to inform you that Discovering Musical Landscapes is back again.
I hope you like the new and improved lay-out.