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Must See Music Events This Month [January 09]

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Jan 8. Thursday
Karuan @ Art-House Gallery Bar
A famous musician especially in Greece!

Jan 9. Friday

Sleepin Pillow @ Eightball Club
One of the most promising Greek bands.

Jan 17. Saturday

The Herbaliser
@ Principal Club Theatre

Everyone will be there...

Jan 22. Thursday

Cyanna @ New York Live Club
Just another Greek Band you should know.

Jan 23. Friday
Red Snapper, The Goldfinger Recordings
@ New York Live Club

Don't miss this!If you don't know Red Snapper, check them out on the main playlist. You will read more about "The Goldfinger Recordings" soon... I Promise!


Jan 13 Tuesday
The Tiger Lillies Freak Show @ Badminton Theatre
Once again... in Greece for one more magnificent show!

Jan 16 Friday
The Herbaliser @ Gagarin 205

Jan 18 Sunday
Shora, Yndi Halda, Double Bill @ Gagarin 205
Two brilliant and famous Post bands in one Live?! That't very interesting...

Jan 22 Thursday
Misuse, Afformance, One Hour Before The Trip @ Kyttaro Monika @ Gagarin 205
Yet another Greek Band that needs your attention

Jan 23 Friday
µ-Ziq @ Bios
The day Athens will be sleepless. Dance!

Jan 24 Saturday
Red Snapper @ Gagarin 205 Jan 31 Saturday Calexico @ Fuzz Club