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Discover: Mute Math

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Mute Math - Mute Math
[Teleprompt/Warner Bros., 2006]

In one word: Perfect.

Mute Math are an alternative rock band hailing from New Orleans, LA. They consist of some members of the disbanded, yet highly regarded Earthsuit, and have received enthusiastic reviews from the world-wide music media since their first appearance in 2004.

After the very successful Reset EP release the band presented their self-titled debut album, which they supported with a tour. The album had a surprisingly good impact on its listeners, a fact that was reflected on both its sales and media recognition.

The sound contained in this album varies from soothing melodies to energetic and - dare I say - explosive at times compositions and was achieved through several instruments and gadgets. Moreover it seems to be the result of much work as is depicted in every single track of it.

Specifically, you can meet clever guitar riffs combined with complex drum lines and electronic slices, supported by clear vocals, all mixing into a beautiful sounding result.

In conclusion this is a release that is definitely worth several listens while it was credited by many as maybe the best alternative rock release of 2006. Be sure to check it out!

Info: The band is currently in a recording session of their second full length release which is scheduled to hit stores on August 2009.

Must listen: Chaos, Plan B

Genre: Indie/Alternative Rock


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Mar 1.
@ Gagarin 205 [Athens]
IAMX Live in Athens
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"Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction"

[Mar 6.] [Mar7.]
Junior Boys
@ Gagarin 205 [Athens]/ /@ Vilka [Thessaloniki]
Junior Boys in our city
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Mar 13.
@ Venue [Athens]

(Anders) Trentemøller, the musical phenomenon from Copenhagen.
The night everybody will... "Moan".

Mar 14.

Deine Lakaien

@ Gagarin 205 [Athens]
Deine Lakaien. [Full Live Band]
One of the best Electrogoth bands in the world live in Greece.
Simply Amazing. A night to remember!

Mar 19.
Night On Earth
@ Gagarin 205 [Athens]
Night on Earth is a band from Greece that needs your attention.
Presenting their album "Second Hand".

Mar 28.

The Cinematic Orchestra
@ Fuzz Club [Athens]
The Cinematic Orchestra Live in Athens,
presenting their new album-soundtrack "Les Ailes Pourpres".