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Telefone Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

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As I see 2009 will be a year full of good music!
Many famous bands have returned with their latest albums.
Telefon Tel Aviv is one of them.

Telefon Tel Aviv is an electronic band headed by Josh Eustis and Charlie Cooper coming from New Orlean. On their third album they changed their record label and now they can be found on Bpitch Control. A famous Berlin based, German techno record label with well-known artists such as Ellen Allien, Modeselector, Sasha Funke and more.

After two albums [Fahrenheit Fair Enough -2001- and Map Of What Is Effortless -2004-] and many remixes, Telefon Tel Aviv are back with their third album "Immolate Yourself". This time the band seems to have left behind all the idm concept and focuses on more electro-pop sounds that will make you dance until you drop.

“Immolate yourself“ unites ten tracks with the aim to give the term electro pop a new definition for 2009. Although each track has its own story to tell, together they paint a bigger picture that encapsulates the Telefon Tel Aviv sound. Arguably the albums standout track “Helen And Troy“ was in fact the last track to be finished and in a way marked the studio climax. As Telefon Tel Aviv state, “we knew, after completing this song, that we were in fact finished with the record.“ Read more ->

In other words their 2009 comeback album is well-crafted and full of explosive tunes, ready to give you a good motive to be on the dancefloors this year!

They successfully sewn up their statement to "achieve the complete hybridization of music".

Links: Telefon Tel Aviv
Must Listen Track: The Birds
Here is an album trailer:


Googly EYes said...

I love Telefone Tel Aviv :)