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20 Upcoming Album Releases:

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The twenty most anticipated albums I've gathered from news and whispers going around on the net... I'm looking forward to most of them!

  1. Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Sunday at Devil Dirt [18NOV]
  2. Animal Collective - Marriweather Post Pavillion [20Jan]
  3. Depeche Mode - [Unknown Title]  [20Apr]
  4. The Divine Comedy - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  5. Franz Ferdinand - [Unknown Title] [Jan 2009]
  6. Garbage - [Unknown Title] - [2008]
  7. The Gossip - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  8. Shirley Manson - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  9. Massive Attack - Weather Underground [2008]
  10. Metric - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  11. Muse - [Unknown Title] [2008/9]
  12. New Pornographers - [Unknown Title] [2009]
  13. OK Go - [Unknown Title]  [2008/9]
  14. The Postal Service - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  15. Simple Minds - [Unknown Title] [Winter 2008]
  16. Starsailor - All The Plans [2008]
  17. Stellastar* - [Unknown Title] [2008]
  18. Amy Winehouse - [Unknown Title] [2009]
  19. Wilco - [Unknown Title] [Spring 2009]
  20. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero part.2 [2008]

Presenting: APPARAT // [Addictive Idm Music from a Genius Musician]

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APPARAT - Addictive Idm Music from a Genius Musician

Apparat (also known as Sascha Ring) is a German Electronic musician.

He is one of the owners of the berlin record label Shitkatapult. 

"Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and more recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats". Recent music is closer to glitch or IDM, accompanied with classical string instruments and other sounds. The website apparat.net features a few Max/MSP patches, presumably used by him.

In 2004, he appeared at a John Peel session.

He collaborated with Ellen Allien in 2003 on the album Berlinette, and again in 2006 on the album Orchestra of Bubbles." [see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apparat_(musician)]

Similar Artists: Modeselektor, Moderat, Ellen Allien, Telefon Tel Aviv, Proem, Arovane, Lusine, Efdemin, Paul Kalkbrenner, Clark, Sasha Funke


  • Multifunktionsebene - 2001
  • Duplex - 2003
  • Live 2004
  • Orchestra of Bubbles - 2006 (with Ellen Allien)
  • Walls - 2007
  • Things To Be Frickled - 2008

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/apparat

official site: http://www.apparat.net/v1.0/

Greek Bands You Should Know: Part 2

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Here is the second part of "Greek music bands that you should know!"
I've been searching through myspace again over those days of my absence and I finally found some special musicians to propose you for further listening and musical discovery...
{This time I would like to start with my favorite songs and I'm very happy for writing something about them.}
  • The Gold Finger Recordings - Coma [This song is what I call a Masterpiece. Since I've listened to its mind-blowing music, I caught myself trying to whisper its lyrics... I am sure this is inevitable as far as you have listened to this song!] www.myspace.com/vaudevill
  • K. BHTA - The Wave [What can I say about this musician. First of all I have to say that he is one of the most famous greek musicians and not only in Greece. I think he has an extraordinary gift to create such a lovely music... www.myspace.com/kbhta
  • Common Sense - Time Stood Still [Now I'll make a confession. I am in love with this voice! Who can resist by the way? I can't... A song for the broken-hearted.] www.myspace.com/commonsense2
  • Serafim Tsotsonis - Poles [This is just an example of what to expect from this musician. The answer on why I chose his first album to be on the 7 must have albums.] www.myspace.com/seratsotsonis
  • Absent Without Leave - End Of July [The most interesting part of this band is not their name but how can someone feel depression, homesickness and nostalgia at the same time with their songs.] www.myspace.com/geezertek
  • Boomstate - Tuzla [This song reminds me of the "Tiger Lillies" chaotic melodramatic melodies and their humorous dark stories. The main organ of this song is an accordion that fills the moody background of the "grandmother's story".] www.myspace.com/boomstate
  • Vello Leaf - One Last Tear [Leave your last tear for this song of the "lonely girl". Fragile vocals, brilliant music! It makes you wanna cry.] www.myspace.com/velloleaf
  • Matisse - Gas (featuring Dimitra Galani) [This is already a well known band in Greece because of their appearances in many shows,commercials (see BSB) and also of their good music. This song is perhaps their best.] www.myspace.com/matissetheband
  • An Orange End - Dance [This is a happy song (for happy people!) that proposes you to dance to its music. One more interesting band from Patra.] www.myspace.com/anorangeend
  • Spyweirdos - Cellar [Spyweirdos is an experimental two-piece group. On this song you can hear the sound of the rain in a different way!] www.myspace.com/spyweirdos
  • Chromatic Sequence - Etudefor2souls [This band has obvious classic influences on this song. There is a good experimental mixture of classic and electronic music that I would like you to know...] www.myspace.com/chromaticsequence
  • Techsoir - Look At Me [This is an Electro-Funky song of Techsoir. They are three members and I'm very happy to know the frontman. Here is a sample of their work.] www.myspace.com/techsoir
Here is a video from: K.BHTA's - Funky Beep [The main theme of  the show "2" by Dimitris Papaioannou"

PRESENTING: The Compilation F*ck Me Gently!

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A long time ago a good friend had requested me to create a "RED MOOD" compilation. My question was... "What does Red color mean on a mood!?" Then after five minutes and without a second thought I did the first thing that came into my mind and now 
I present you my compilation:
"F*ck Me Gently!" By John "Grotesque" Green
A compilation inspired by "sensual" songs to add some "PASSION" in the whole atmosphere and of course into you!

A promise: [Presenting> AaRON]

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AaRON is a French band comprised by two songwriters-musicians, Simon Buret (singer) and Olivier Coursier. AaRON is the abbreviation of "Artificial animals Riding On Neverland" and it is also the name of their album which was released in 2007. This album includes one their most famous songs called "U Turn" that appeared in the soundtrack of the French film
 Je vais bien, ne t’en fais pas”. 
Having listened to the album, I personally believe that they have done an excellent work with great songs that even Archive and Babybird would be jealous... It draws you into a darker atmospheric place where illusions and dreams co-exist and in the end they live you astounded.

myspace link: www.myspace.com/aaronrecordings
official page: www.aaronwebsite.com

Presenting: Scott Matthew

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Scott Matthew born in Queensland of Australia is an independent singer/songwriter who mainly composes acoustic-melodramatic music and is one of the mucisians that constantly brings tears in your eyes from his sorrowful lyrics, that seem to be taken out of his life. His magnetic melodies and his strange sultry and tragic voice create a moody atmosphere that adds something sad and joyful in a magical way. Scott Matthew collaborated with Spencer Corbin an ex Morrissey drummer and together they created the band Elva Snow. The great success came after his appearance in John Cameron Mitchell's film "Shortbus"(2006) in which he wrote the theme song "In the End". In addition, he contributed his vocals also to the soundtracks two anime films "Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex" and "Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on heavens door" produced by Yoko Kano. His new album is out now called "Scott Matthew" from Glitterhouse Records.

myspace link: www.myspace.com/scottmatthewmusic
official website: www.scottmatthewmusic.com

Here is a link of "Abandoned"

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning Is The End Is...

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Many of my friends asked me which is the theme song on the trailer of Watchmen (film).
This song is: "The Beginning Is the End Is The Beginning" 
by "The Smashing Pumpkins".
Also it is included in two albums,
 the first one is "Rarities and B-Sides" from The Smashing Pumpkins and the second one is the "Batman & Robin" soundtrack
I personally think that a film with such an atmospheric song will attract many people that in no other way would attend to see it for its plot!

Discover... "Saltillo"

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I proudly present you "Saltillo"
My latest and greatest discovery:

Saltillo is a project created by Menton J. Matthiews III also known as one of the members of Sunday Munich. He plays violin,piano,cello,Tenor Viola Da Gamba,guitar,bass,banjo,drum-programming and he has also a master at Pro-Tools. "With Saltillo, Matthews delves deep into the disused corridors of hidden hiding places, distilling the painfully honest solitude, longings, disappointments and aching needs at the heart of secret selves into the pure sound of emotional honesty. This is the sound of disillusionment and hope." [see last.fm/saltillo]
He creates music soundtracks and he is also a classically trained musician.
"Ganglion" is the debut album of this brilliant project.

I don't have anything else to mention. I am a FAN.

myspace: www.myspace.com/saltillo
official page: www.kyan.com/saltillo

Greek Bands you should know! Part.1

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There are many upcoming Greek bands that need your attention:
Here is a list of bands [sorted by "Artist" - "Recommended song"] you can find on myspace.
  • Abbie Gale - Gone [I've seen then live and this is a band that will get your attention from the first song until the last and will make your heart beat faster.] www.myspace.com/abbiegale
  • Closer - Wander [Close your eyes while you are listening to this song and wander with them.. ] www.myspace.com/closergreece
  • Film - Alarm [Film is the band that I've seen all the live performances they gave in Thessaloniki. Although Eleni Tzavara aka Etten (vocals) left, they remain my favourite Greek Band.] www.myspace.com/filmgreece
  • Gravitysays_I - Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear [This song is a dune which slowly begins to swallow you. Their album is coming out soon.] www.myspace.com/gravitysaysi
  • Monika - Over the Hill [The song that made her famous. Many critics praise Monika and claim that she is an upcoming Star! This song is from her first album "Avatar''.] www.myspace.com/monikarides
  • Pop Eye - That's Life [See things differently within the pop eye!] www.myspace.com/popeyegr
  • Gad - The End Of The Road [One of the bands I discovered on Coca Cola Sound Wave. They have also opened the concerts of Nouvelle Vague and Chicane. I think this is one of their best songs.] www.myspace.com/gadgreece
  • Sigmatropic - White [Just a very impressing song with great vocals. I could never believe that this song would come out of a greek band.] www.myspace.com/stropic
  • We Govern We - Bully [This band comes out of two Sigmatropic members as far as I know. Have a look at the videoclip below! Who is the bully now? Are you one of them?] www.myspace.com/wegovernwe
  • Your Hand In Mine - The Youngest one Had a Rose... [I will say just one thing: Yann Tiersen if he was a Greek band! Your hand in mine also composed music for Mikio Naruse's film and that was just the beginning.] www.myspace.com/theyourhandinmine
  • Fade Out - I don't care [A very interesting song from a well promising band. I love Maria Kampouraki's vocals! It is from their first album and this song is also known from the Last Chance remix of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.] www.myspace.com/fadeoutband
  • Aza - Sys II [Sss! Is anyone still breathing? As soon as you listen to this track you will understand what I mean!] www.myspace.com/4z4
  • Notte - Transparent [I've seen their live performances several times and I have to admit that it is a shame such a great band not having an album (yet). This song was also included in Postwave's Audiobook. More news about this band coming soon.] www.myspace.com/nottemusic

For Collectors only! Or Not?

~ ~

Last month I purchased Radiohead's Limited edition box set.
The deluxe box set includes all seven classic Radiohead albums released on Parlophone from 1993-2003 (including one live album), repackaged in digipack sleeves featuring the original artwork.
If you love this band, why don't you buy it?
Here is a link of one of their best songs "Like spinning plates" REVERSED with vocals from "I Will". I still can't believe it!

7 Albums you Must Have!

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Here is a list of 7 albums worth having in your music library!
Why seven? Because it is my lucky number and I would like to start with it...
  1. Portishead - 3rd [Portishead are back with this amazing album. Many critics said that Portishead with this album are recreating TripHop music and once again they did!]
  2. Massive Attack - Collected [Everything you ever wanted for a good start, if you are a new listener and everything you want to remember if you are one of their numerous fans.]
  3. Nut - Scream [EP] [This EP includes, not only one of their best songs ''Scream'' but also their previously unreleased track Get Lost and two live versions of their tracks. Beware though it is not anymore on sale... You have to find this limited edition pearl.]
  4. Madrugada - Madrugada [Madrugada is back but not for long... as this album is their last one! This album is an amazing journey through ever emotion one can feel. That says it all..]
  5. Serafim Tsotsonis - Peak [From the amazing start of ''No Tears'' until the ''Interlude'' you feel every single tune. Nice vocals and excellent job from this Greek musician called Serafim.]
  6. Radiohead - In Rainbows [One more new work from one the most famous bands! As a personal comment I would like to add that, one day they will become "Nirvana" if they haven't already done it! This album is an amazing come back! Imaginative, alive, bright... they absolutely deliver you in rainbows.
  7. Sigur Ros - Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust [translation ''With a buzz in our ear we play endlessly" Just when you have realized how Sigur Ros sound like, they came back with this album and you are still wandering where did they find once again such an inspiration. Brilliant!]

D-M-L on Facebook!

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Just created D-M-L's Facebook Group! 
Join now and don't forget to search always for good music! 
Find it now
"Discovering Musical Landscapes "

Yes, It's true!

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Finally! I found the song I was searching for months... It is an amazing song and I love it so much!
Scream with
Nut! Like everybody does with this excellent vocals and lyrics!
What do you think?
Nut is now also known as Cat Goscovitch after her broke with the other members of the band and now she is back! Find her new work @ myspace dot com.

About Trip Hop Music:

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Trip hop is undisputedly one of my favorite music genres. Also known as the "Bristol sound". The trip hop description was applied to the musical trend in the mid-1990s of downtempo electronic music. Triphop is a blend of electronica and hip-hop, urban and ethereal, street and ambience. It is categorized as a fairly experimental genre, and sometimes with elements of dance music.A music genre that plays with emotions and sounds, sometimes deep and sexy in a downtempo music background and others in a more rhythmical and uptempo way using some leftfield (music) characteristics-elements. It is surely an addicted kind of music that if you get used to it you will ask for more and more...

Some famous Trip hop artists are: Air, Archive, Bang Gang, Bjork, Dj Shadow, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Mono, Portishead, Tricky, Unkle and many more that I feel sorry for not having mentioned them..

Dimitris Papaspyropoulos

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One of my favorites and perhaps the best Greek music producer is Dimitris Papaspyropoulos. As I've read Dimitris has started working on his 9th cd compilation due for release in early December! He is also famous for his Last Chance parties and remixes in well known songs.

Here is a link with on of his best remixes: Film - Alarm (Last Chance Remix)

website: www.dimitrispapaspyropoulos.com

Internet radio? OFF Radio!

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"OFF Radio is the newest & most promising online radio based in Greece".
I think the title says it all! Do you remember the x-republicans? Now they made a new start with an online radio station that will make you stay tuned days and days online... Excellent work from well know Greek music producers.
And don't forget my favorite one "
MEMA" every Monday and Wednesday at 24:00 - 01:00.
Turn your radio OFF!
listen online: www.offradio.gr


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Recently I bought Muzine's final issue. Muzine is a very interesting and up to date music magazine with many interviews, album reviews and it also contains 2 cds!
Every cd has a specific theme depended on the mood it creates (the red mood and the white mood).
 Some of the artists I discovered from this magazine are: Borko,The Evangelicals, David Thomas Broughton,Tara King Theory,Julie Doiron,Pridon,Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton...
It's definitely worth being in your library! I wait impatiently for the #06th issue!
website: www.muzine.gr

Recently loved song:

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This is a very good song from "Babybird" called "Bad Old Man".

Must See Music Events In Greece this Month!

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October 2008:
Thu 16_ Espers,Vetiver @An Club(Athens)
Mon 20_ Kronos Quartet @Pallas Theatre(Athens)
Tue 21+22_ London After Midnight @Gagarin205(Athens), Mylos(Thessaloniki)
Tue 21+22_ Animal Collective,Axolotl @Principal(Thessaloniki), Gagarin205(Athens)
Fri 31_ Parov Stelar @ Fuzz Club(Athens)

So, Let's start!

~ ~
Hello, visitors!
As this is the first post on my blog, 
I would like to explain what is D-M-L.
Discovering Musical Landscapes is an idea of  presenting different types of music that create strong emotions and let your mind wander in magical landscapes...
We will discover those places together, so fasten your seat belts,
 let the music play and your mind flow!