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Presenting: Halou

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Halou is an American (San Francisco) band formed by Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom. They met each other in 1992 and in 1995 they became the band that we all love, Halou.

After their first debut band called "Anymore", in 1998 they released their debut album called "We Only Love You" as Halou. Now, after these years and their 11 cds (including albums, EP's and re-issues), Halou came back with their 12th album called "Halou". But in this comeback they have changed their music genre and from a trip hop band they became an alternative band sounding like their first work as Anymore.

I think that after having listened to all of their albums their uniqueness in creating music is obvious. They were one of the greatest trip hop music artists and still remain a very impressive band after their alternative comeback!




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Here is a video-clip  from Halou: