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One Word: Placebo!

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"It has been a long time since the idea of writing something about my all time favorite band placebo jumped to my mind!" Placebo [If someone doesn't know...] is the band of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal. The drummer Steve Hewitt has left and now Steve Forrest from the band "Evaline" is replacing him.

Here is a list of my favorite songs:

[sort by: song/album]

  1. I Know / Placebo
  2. Protege Moi (M83 Mix) / Once More With Feeling [Singles 96-04]
  3. Without You I'm Nothng (Featuring. David Bowie) / Once More with Feeling [Singles 96-04] 
  4. The Crawl / Without You I'm Nothing
  5. Burger Queen (Francais) /  [Rare Song]
  6. Jackie (Sinead O' Connor Cover) /  Exclusive Session - Live
  7. Taste In Men /  Black Market Music
  8. Blue American / Black Market Music
  9. Peeping Tom /  Black Market Music
  10. The Bitter End /  Sleeping With Ghosts
  11. Centrefolds / Sleeping With Ghosts
  12. Twenty Years /  Sleeping With Ghosts
  13. Sleeping With Ghosts /  Sleeping with Ghosts 
  14. Drink You Pretty /  The Bitter End [EP]
  15. Pierrot The Clown / Meds

Some of the songs on this list are not widely known so If you don't know them,

I strongly recommend you to listen to them!

Discover Placebo. Discover More!

Here Is a video clip from the album Meds: "Follow the cops back home..."