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John Green Playlist:

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There were many people who asked me to upload my music playlist from Monday's broadcast.
The following tracks were included in my playlist at OFFRadio.gr
Thank you everybody for your comments and your support.
And I apologize once again for being anxious, it was the first time that I was ON AIR!
[Sort by: Track - Artist / Album]
  1. The Opening - Saltillo / Ganglion
  2. Bad Old Man - Babybird / There's Something Going On
  3. Who is She? - I Monster / Neveroddoreven
  4. Burn Me Again (Wendy Stubs Remix) - Alpha / The Sky Is Mine
  5. Trophy - Bat For Lashes with Josh T. Pearson / Fur & Gold
  6. All Thats Is Thirst - Pati Yang / Silent Treatment
  7. You Are One Of Us - Halou / We Only Love You
  8. Time Will Show Me - Jay-jay Johanson / The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known
  9. Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) - Sia / Colour The Small One [USA Bonus Track Edition]
  10. Messenger - Blonde Redhead Featuring David Sylvian / The Secret Society Of The Butterflies
  11. Broken Records - Lies / Lies [Ep]
  12. Giving Up - One Eskimo / [Not Yet]
  13. You Could Walk Forever - Devics / My Beautiful Sinking Ship
Now you can download the broadcast from OFFradio's Offcasts:
Link: www.offradio.gr [see Offcasts]
[Language: Greek]


Ed said...

Nice to see one eskimo in there, throughly enjoy their music, has such brilliant animation that goes with the tunes, i recommend seeing them on their uk tour in may, should be a banger!

Tom Scott said...

ye the eskimo lot have just put a new tune up on their channel, real wonderful track..check it out!!