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Discover: The Moscow Coup Attempt

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The Moscow Coup Attempt

is the work of Derek Whitacre,

a musician from Los Angeles.

He composes music in an extraordinary way that create visions and illusions from the past.  His music genre could be tagged as Down-Tempo, Instrumental, Electronic or even Soundtrack.

The Moscow Coup Attempt has released 3 albums:

"Recidivism" [2007] [Digital Download Only]
"Insomnia" [2006
"The Failure of Shortwave Radio" [2005]
 and one song "Sprout and the Beam"

In TMCA's albums you can find also some short video clips edited by Derek Whitacre. 

Sounds Like: Sixtoo, DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Menu:Exit,  The Silk Demise


Here is a video clip from "The Failure of Shortwave Radio":