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Discover: Julien Neto

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Julien Neto is a Parisian musician composing ambient electronica
The only things we know about this artist is that:
  • Julien Neto is his real name.
  • He has released his debut album "La Fumeur De Ciel" [Type Records] in 2005. 
He has also produced more works [unknown to us] using other names...
In my opinion the mystery about his work is due to the fact that he was changing record labels and names often. 
As far as I've listened to this album several times, my point of view still remains the same. 
He has an impressive talent on creating ambient music. You will get sucked into this brilliant album, that sets your mind in full flight.
Melancholy, ethereality, romance, elegy and vividness are the main substances of this ambient masterpiece.

Discography: [As found on Myspace]
[Album] "Le Fumeur de Ciel" (Type Records)
[Compilations & Remixes]

"Om(Julien Neto Remix)" (Phaseworks)
"Stofstuk (Julien Neto Remix)" (Machinefabriek)
"Ninety Four" on "Silva" (Miasmah Rec.)
"One" on "Boomkat Selected Mixtapes Volume 6 - Listen With Xela" (Boomkat)
"Shiney Eyed Gal" on "Meadow: Cottage Industries Four " (NeoOuija)
"Voy" on "Cottage Industries 3: Vestibule & Separate" (NeoOuija)
"Amenimo" on "Hiiro" (Saag Records)
"Such A Small Stain" on "Apegenine vol 1" (Apegenine Records)

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Official Website: Julien Neto
Myspace: Julien Neto