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Presenting: Scott Matthew

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Scott Matthew born in Queensland of Australia is an independent singer/songwriter who mainly composes acoustic-melodramatic music and is one of the mucisians that constantly brings tears in your eyes from his sorrowful lyrics, that seem to be taken out of his life. His magnetic melodies and his strange sultry and tragic voice create a moody atmosphere that adds something sad and joyful in a magical way. Scott Matthew collaborated with Spencer Corbin an ex Morrissey drummer and together they created the band Elva Snow. The great success came after his appearance in John Cameron Mitchell's film "Shortbus"(2006) in which he wrote the theme song "In the End". In addition, he contributed his vocals also to the soundtracks two anime films "Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex" and "Cowboy Bepop: Knockin' on heavens door" produced by Yoko Kano. His new album is out now called "Scott Matthew" from Glitterhouse Records.

myspace link: www.myspace.com/scottmatthewmusic
official website: www.scottmatthewmusic.com

Here is a link of "Abandoned"