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Greek Bands You Should Know: Part 2

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Here is the second part of "Greek music bands that you should know!"
I've been searching through myspace again over those days of my absence and I finally found some special musicians to propose you for further listening and musical discovery...
{This time I would like to start with my favorite songs and I'm very happy for writing something about them.}
  • The Gold Finger Recordings - Coma [This song is what I call a Masterpiece. Since I've listened to its mind-blowing music, I caught myself trying to whisper its lyrics... I am sure this is inevitable as far as you have listened to this song!] www.myspace.com/vaudevill
  • K. BHTA - The Wave [What can I say about this musician. First of all I have to say that he is one of the most famous greek musicians and not only in Greece. I think he has an extraordinary gift to create such a lovely music... www.myspace.com/kbhta
  • Common Sense - Time Stood Still [Now I'll make a confession. I am in love with this voice! Who can resist by the way? I can't... A song for the broken-hearted.] www.myspace.com/commonsense2
  • Serafim Tsotsonis - Poles [This is just an example of what to expect from this musician. The answer on why I chose his first album to be on the 7 must have albums.] www.myspace.com/seratsotsonis
  • Absent Without Leave - End Of July [The most interesting part of this band is not their name but how can someone feel depression, homesickness and nostalgia at the same time with their songs.] www.myspace.com/geezertek
  • Boomstate - Tuzla [This song reminds me of the "Tiger Lillies" chaotic melodramatic melodies and their humorous dark stories. The main organ of this song is an accordion that fills the moody background of the "grandmother's story".] www.myspace.com/boomstate
  • Vello Leaf - One Last Tear [Leave your last tear for this song of the "lonely girl". Fragile vocals, brilliant music! It makes you wanna cry.] www.myspace.com/velloleaf
  • Matisse - Gas (featuring Dimitra Galani) [This is already a well known band in Greece because of their appearances in many shows,commercials (see BSB) and also of their good music. This song is perhaps their best.] www.myspace.com/matissetheband
  • An Orange End - Dance [This is a happy song (for happy people!) that proposes you to dance to its music. One more interesting band from Patra.] www.myspace.com/anorangeend
  • Spyweirdos - Cellar [Spyweirdos is an experimental two-piece group. On this song you can hear the sound of the rain in a different way!] www.myspace.com/spyweirdos
  • Chromatic Sequence - Etudefor2souls [This band has obvious classic influences on this song. There is a good experimental mixture of classic and electronic music that I would like you to know...] www.myspace.com/chromaticsequence
  • Techsoir - Look At Me [This is an Electro-Funky song of Techsoir. They are three members and I'm very happy to know the frontman. Here is a sample of their work.] www.myspace.com/techsoir
Here is a video from: K.BHTA's - Funky Beep [The main theme of  the show "2" by Dimitris Papaioannou"