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Greek Bands you should know! Part.1

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There are many upcoming Greek bands that need your attention:
Here is a list of bands [sorted by "Artist" - "Recommended song"] you can find on myspace.
  • Abbie Gale - Gone [I've seen then live and this is a band that will get your attention from the first song until the last and will make your heart beat faster.] www.myspace.com/abbiegale
  • Closer - Wander [Close your eyes while you are listening to this song and wander with them.. ] www.myspace.com/closergreece
  • Film - Alarm [Film is the band that I've seen all the live performances they gave in Thessaloniki. Although Eleni Tzavara aka Etten (vocals) left, they remain my favourite Greek Band.] www.myspace.com/filmgreece
  • Gravitysays_I - Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear [This song is a dune which slowly begins to swallow you. Their album is coming out soon.] www.myspace.com/gravitysaysi
  • Monika - Over the Hill [The song that made her famous. Many critics praise Monika and claim that she is an upcoming Star! This song is from her first album "Avatar''.] www.myspace.com/monikarides
  • Pop Eye - That's Life [See things differently within the pop eye!] www.myspace.com/popeyegr
  • Gad - The End Of The Road [One of the bands I discovered on Coca Cola Sound Wave. They have also opened the concerts of Nouvelle Vague and Chicane. I think this is one of their best songs.] www.myspace.com/gadgreece
  • Sigmatropic - White [Just a very impressing song with great vocals. I could never believe that this song would come out of a greek band.] www.myspace.com/stropic
  • We Govern We - Bully [This band comes out of two Sigmatropic members as far as I know. Have a look at the videoclip below! Who is the bully now? Are you one of them?] www.myspace.com/wegovernwe
  • Your Hand In Mine - The Youngest one Had a Rose... [I will say just one thing: Yann Tiersen if he was a Greek band! Your hand in mine also composed music for Mikio Naruse's film and that was just the beginning.] www.myspace.com/theyourhandinmine
  • Fade Out - I don't care [A very interesting song from a well promising band. I love Maria Kampouraki's vocals! It is from their first album and this song is also known from the Last Chance remix of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos.] www.myspace.com/fadeoutband
  • Aza - Sys II [Sss! Is anyone still breathing? As soon as you listen to this track you will understand what I mean!] www.myspace.com/4z4
  • Notte - Transparent [I've seen their live performances several times and I have to admit that it is a shame such a great band not having an album (yet). This song was also included in Postwave's Audiobook. More news about this band coming soon.] www.myspace.com/nottemusic