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Discover... "Saltillo"

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I proudly present you "Saltillo"
My latest and greatest discovery:

Saltillo is a project created by Menton J. Matthiews III also known as one of the members of Sunday Munich. He plays violin,piano,cello,Tenor Viola Da Gamba,guitar,bass,banjo,drum-programming and he has also a master at Pro-Tools. "With Saltillo, Matthews delves deep into the disused corridors of hidden hiding places, distilling the painfully honest solitude, longings, disappointments and aching needs at the heart of secret selves into the pure sound of emotional honesty. This is the sound of disillusionment and hope." [see last.fm/saltillo]
He creates music soundtracks and he is also a classically trained musician.
"Ganglion" is the debut album of this brilliant project.

I don't have anything else to mention. I am a FAN.

myspace: www.myspace.com/saltillo
official page: www.kyan.com/saltillo