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◈ⓟeter ⓚruder ↔ ⓟrivateⒸollection◈

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♫What does music do for people,
what do people get from music?♫
Peter has chosen 17 tracks out of his 35.000 vinyls of private collection
His entire life of music diversity spinning in tunes of great masterpiece.
Memories,stories tales to be played on forever in past,present and future.
Each memory,a tune,a puzzle,a picture.
Inspired into a painting of life.
80 minutes of genuine pleasure.
The trip never stops.
4800 seconds
Lust for thirsty ears and more to come..
Sit back and enjoy the number One
in the G-Stone 'Master Series' with more to follow.

This is what Peter Kruder himself said:
"The initial idea for this compilation came after I played a series of concerts that were called "The Listening Sessions". Bringing people into great sounding venues with an amazing sound system and have them sit down and just listen to music for two hours. A rare feat these days as most people just don't take the time to sit down and listen to music without any distractions."

Lend an ear to the opening track...