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❈ Esben & The Witch ❈

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"Nightmare Pop"
Esben and the Witch are a Brighton trio
whose name is taken from a Danish fairytale.


Listen to their latest track "Skeleton Swoon" here.

|Rumors Confirmed|


are due to release :

‘Lucia, At The Precipice’

b/w ‘They Use Smiles To Bury You’

on 7" vinyl.

Release Date: Pre-Release (Expected on 08/02/2010)

That you can pre-order Here.

Esben & The Witch
Download [EP] - "33"

...The Story...
"A farmer had twelve sons, the youngest of these he named Esben. He was small in contrast to his brothers who were all big and strong. One day the brothers persuaded their father to let them seek their fortunes. He gave each of them a horse and a small sum of money to help them on their way, Esben decided he too would leave although his father refused to aid him as he had his other sons. Upon leaving Esben peeled the bark from a stick until it was whiter than all his brother’s horses and rode off on it... [MORE] "