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19 + 1 Most Anticipating Albums of 2010!

~ ~

"The Battle of the Giants"

will be [the best or the worst] start

of a musical decade

because of the artists and the musical giants that will soon release an album!

Some of them can be found in this list:

1 Massive Attack - Heligoland
We already have some samples of this album... see the [EP]
Splitting the Atom and the explicit video of Paradise Circus
with the vocals of Hope Sandoval.

[Yes Paradise Circus was previously known as "Harpischord"]


2 Radiohead - [TBA]

This ingenious band
is in the studio recording perhaps their next masterpiece(?!).
Waiting Impatiently_ MODE:ON_

3 Arcade Fire - [TBA]
The band that never seem to produce a bad album
will be back shortly!
[I hope they won't prove me wrong...]

4 Ιnterpol - [TBA]
They have rejoined again with their frontman Paul Banks
[aka Julian Plenti (how is it possible to prefer this name???)]
after his "successful" solo career that would be MORE successful if they were together!

5Goldfrapp – Head First

The fans of Goldfrapp are
for this release!

6Cat Power - [TBA]
The Queen Of Folk
is coming...

7Get Well Soon - Vexations
One band of the big Winners of 2008
Below: Image film of Vexations
[I hope you speak German though...]


8 The Album Leaf - A Chorus of Storytellers
There are numerous radio producers
who could die
for this album in Greece
and I know many of them!

9 Stateless - [TBA]This album is something...
I could die for!
Start counting backwards the days for this release...

Saltillo - [TBA]
The second album of Saltillo.
A project of Menton J.Matthews III
that was released in 2006 "Ganglion"
and we discovered later.
I contacted Mr. Menton just to let you know
that he is getting ready for his next album.


11 Beach House - Teen Dream
We already got the taste of this album.
The follow up of "Devotion" (2008) is excellent.

12 The National - [TBA]
One more follow up [: "Boxer" (2007)]
from a Great Band!

13Klaxons - [TBA]
Where did The Klaxons go
after all that hype they caused in 2007?

14 The American Dollar - Atlas
This album was released in 01/01/10

15 Electric President - The Violent Blue
A band that was in No.17 in 2008
see here with our friends "Swearwater" below.

16 Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago
The follow up of "Rook"
[no:11 in DML's 2008 top list.]

17 Midlake - The Courage Of Others
Since they wrote "Roscoe" they became
famous worldwide
through every single radio station!

18Jónsi – Go
The solo project of
Jónsi from Sigur Ros in English!
Get a free track of Jonsi here.

19 Band Of Horses - Night Rainbows
As you see all the great names
of 2007 are back.
Follow up of "Cease to Begin".
I hope this time it won't be their Funeral.

+1 Xiu Xiu – Dear God, I Hate Myself
Let's see how creative can these
perverted art-indie-rockers
be this year.