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Top 100 Albums Of 2008

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These are the Top 100 albums of 2008.Part 10. // Albums From [100 - 91]

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#100. Hercules and Love Affair - Hercules and Love Affair
 The soundtrack of 2008 Summer in Greece.
Everywhere you could listen to this album and dance.
Everyone was "Blind" and suddenly after all that hype it disappeared completely from all the playlists. I think that this old-school disco album deserves to be in the "Top 100 albums of the year" for all the good times we shared together under the moonlit skies of this summer.

#99.  Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
This mixture of electronic and rock music with a scent of the 80's really stood out of many other similar albums of 2008.
I have to admit that I'm not into this music genre very much but it was an unexpected work from a band that reminded me the early years of Depeche Mode in a suitable contemporary way.

#98.  Miss Kittin - Batbox
Yes, I know... "Kittin Is High" and so do I every time I listen to this song. Dark beats, electro and a bit of drugs (obviously) created an atmosphere as bitchy as Miss Kittin is.
With this album Miss Kittin proved that she can get better and better and sing more than she is used to.
I think "Metal Head" was the highlight of this album.

#97.  Matt Elliott - Howling Songs
  Matt Elliot released his second solo album. He is also the man behind the "Third Eye Foundation". In "Howling Songs" I think you can get the whole atmosphere of the album by its cover. It is an atmospheric and moody album that guides you through the darkest corners of your mind. Don't listen to this album if you are searching for something uplifting that will make you cheerful.
There is no black and white in this album... there is only black!
[Sorry, but I couldn't find a song of this album to include it in the playlist above.]

#96. Wild Beasts - Limbo, Panto
 "Limbo, Panto" is an eccentric album that some will love it and some will hate it from the first song. It is controversially unique, creative and grotesque. I love these unfamiliar vocals and his knowledge on language. If you are a fan of "The Tiger Lillies" then you will enjoy it very much.
Music for the open-minded and the curious.
Must Listen song: "Woebegone Wanderers".

#95. Land Of Talk - Some Are Lakes

To be frankly, this is a great album!
A good combination of violent guitars, brilliant vocals and vibrant songs. One more album from the Montreal's alternative scene that leaves you full of hope for their next album.
If you haven't listen to this album yet... now is the time!
Must listen song: "Some are Lakes"

#94. Foals - Antidotes
 Foals exciting debut album "Antidotes" is wonderful. With indie songs like "Cassius", "Olympic Airways" and "Balloons" and the voice of Yannis Philippakis (Singer //and Guitarist) (and yes he is Greek) they surely deserve to be in the Top 100 Albums. 
The cover of the album might be a bit awful but it is definitely worth listening.

#93. Mr. Gnome - Deliver This Creature
This is a strange band from Cleveland. It is actually a rock album but I strongly disagree with this term... They are a mixture of post punk, metal and progressive rock, but this strange mixture rocks!
On the vocal part you will find Nicole Barille, the siren of this dynamic and hypnotic album. Have a listen to this album, it might become one of your favorites too.

#92. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
Mr. Nick Cave is back... and once again he tries to dig our souls with his miserable and sad lyrics. It is beautiful rock album, loud and witty. I would agree with the gossip that want Nick Cave not able to create a bad album.

#91. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
   Nice melodies, originality and freshness are the main substances of this album that place it in number 91! It is a band with pretty much recognizable vocals and music. You can dance to this Afro-Indie album for hours. Not bad at all for a debut album but I don't get all that jabbering with its overrated critics that place it on the top of this year's albums.