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Top 100 albums of 2008! Part [3]

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Top 100 Albums of 2008!
[Part 3] from #30. to #21.

[Once again I couldn't find all the tracks for the playlist. This time the "victim" of this playlist is Anne Clark.]

#30. Unkle - End Titles... Stories For Film
Unkle's new work "End Titles..." is more than a compilation of older selected works taken from his unreleased discography rather than an album. However, this 21-track compilation creates a soundtrack for your dreams or even more a fictional film in your mind. Surely this record can stand out from many albums of 2008.
Listen: "Cut Me Loose" [featuring Gavin Clark]

#29. The Verve - Forth
The Verve is back after their long-term absence! Richard Ashcroft's solo career is finally over and the historical band that once released one of the greatest indie hits "Bittersweet Symphony" has rejoined. "Forth" proves that this band can still create good music. It was just a matter of time...
Listen: "Numbness" [Recommended if you got bored from their overplayed hits.]

#28. Amon Tobin - Foley Room
Welcome to the "Foley Room". Amon Tobin's best album at its darkest edition. Amon Adonai Santos de Araujo Tobin (what a name...)with this album, builds the four walls of a madhouse full of insanity.Raw, purely experimental, and unique! Don't forget, everything around you can be a a great inspiration. Music for the open-minded.
Listen: "Bloodstone"

#27. Detektivbyrån - Wermland
Detektivbyrån is one more band from Sweden. An excellent and nearly flawless album with a rare blend of sounds and instruments. "Wermland" sounds like a mix between Yann Tiersen and Devotchka on ecstasy! An ingenious album from a skillful band.
Listen: "Sista Tryckaren"

#26. Windsor For The Derby - How We Lost
Windsor For The Derby, a band wich was formed in 1992 in Texas released their latest album "How We Lost". This band, with almost clear darkwave influences from The Cure, Joy Division, Jesus And Mary Chain... is at their best!
Don't be self-deceived from the album's title though.. they might have "lost" but they are going to "win"//captivate you!
Listen: "Maladies"

#25. Anne Clark - The Smallest Acts Of Kindness
The goddess Anne Clark with her unique voice, the tremendously poetic lyrics and her famous resitativo (spoken vocals) returns with her new album "The Smallest Acts Of Kindness". This album wanders in electronic and acoustic soundscapes with a strong presence of EBM music. Don't forget that Anne Clark was one of the first artists that created electro-goth music.
Listen: "Full Moon" [watch the video clip]

#24. Halou - Halou
Halou is the band of Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom. "Halou" is their forth full-length album, but this time they decided to return as an alternative rock band leaving behind their trip-hop past. Such a return only refreshing, imaginative and welcome could be considered and nothing less.
Discover more about Halou inside my Blog.
Listen: "It Will All Make Sense In The Morning"

#23. The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement
First of all I could never imagine that a member from The Rascals (Miles Kane) and the frontman of The Arctic Monkeys (Alex Turner) [two indie bands that I despise] could release such a great album! "The Age Of The Understatement" carries some fresh air from a past era, which makes it so special that you can't stop repeating this record over and over.
Listen: "My Mistakes Were Made For You"

#22. Yoav - Charmed & Strange

Yoav is a young musician from Israel. After you hear this country you might start wandering... "Could someone from Israel create something interesting?" The answer is " h e l l yeah" ! This album is seductive, "Charmed and Strange", well crafted and a brilliant...
You will "Adore" this album!
Listen: "Adore Adore"

#21. Emiliana Torrini - Me And Armini
Emiliana Torrini, a diva of her own music genre! I can't include her in a music genre as her unique reggae-pop-electronic-acoustic influences create a musical phenomenon. "Me and Armini" is Emiliana's latest effort is a great album crafted with precision.
In other words...: A surprise coming from Iceland! (This might remind you a TV spot, but that's the truth...)
Listen: "Gun"